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I'm having issues calculating the average execution time of an available field in Splunk. I have searched for some time now on Splunk Answers and tried a lot, but unfortunately couldn't find s.th. helpful.

The following search string lists the Execution Times of a specific function of my application for the selected time span:

index= otcs FunctionAction="ngd.folderview" | table ExecutionTime

I'd like to have an output of this FunctionAction with the average Execution time of the selected time frame of all values listed by the search string. I already did some tests like avg(ExecutionTime) and had some results as Single Value, but the average was not correct (I double checked with Excel: restricted the time span to have only a few values).

Could anyone point me to the right direction?


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Like this:

 index= otcs FunctionAction="ngd.folderview" | stats avg(ExecutionTime)