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Build Event Type search char limitation


I am creating several event types and have found when adding searches longer than 98 char it trims the rest off. Is there a way to increase the char limit for the field? Here is an example of a search string

index="****" sourcetype="***********" "**********************" AND "********" AND "************** <******>"

I get cut off at the <.

(actual text replaced with *)

Splunk version 4.1.5 build 85165

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I can't reproduce the issue. I am using the following builds of Splunk:

Splunk version 4.1.4 build 82143
Splunk version 4.1.6 build 89596

I tried with a 111-character search, as well as your sample with the *'s replaced by text.

Are you running Firefox, or another browser? I'm using Firefox 3.6.4

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