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Blacklist WinEventLog::/Security with user names ending in $

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I'm trying to get a blacklisted log entry that works on Universal Forwarders to filter out specific event codes with user fields that end in $ in their value.

What I have now, works on my test environment with uploaded sample logs, but not directly on the Universal Forwarder itself:

blacklist1 = EventCode="(4624|4634)" user=".*\$"
blacklist2 = EventCode="4672" Account_Name=".*\$"

What can I do to get this right so it actually works? I know that in the event log, raw, the matching line actually is space indented and something like:

  Security ID:    S-1-5-18
  Account Name:   something$
  Account Domain:   domain

Thank you!

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Try these:

blacklist1 = EventCode="4624" Message="(?ms)New\sLogon:.*?Account\sName:[^\n]+\$$"
blacklist2 = EventCode="(4634|4672)" Message="(?m)Account\sName:[^\n]+\$$"