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Avoid chart skipping every other day label on X-axis


How do I change a chart's X-axis to avoid skipping every other day label like this:

Thu Oct 11                    Sat Oct 13                    Mon Oct 15

to show every day in the span like this:

Thu Oct 11     Fri Oct 12     Sat Oct 13     Sun Oct 14     Mon Oct 15
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Reduce the timespan in the search to earliest=-7d@w1 latest=@w6.

Hope this helps!

If the timerange is high then the timeChart will not display each day on x-axis, instead it will skip some dates(but this is only for display). So reduce your timelimit to one week or so, then you can get each day displayed on x-axis.


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Hi Madhuri ,

If the scenario is I must need one year data, then how can I skip or reduce the time range?
Can you please suggest any other idea

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