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Agent list in OSSEC agent status dashboard is empty


Hello. Yesterday I installed OSSEC & Splunk on server, and everything is working great, except two small things: OSSEC agent status shows No results found, although on ossec's agent_control -l I can see 12 agents, which are currently reporting. OSSEC agent coverage shows two agents: zeus and How can I see them in this dashboard?
And 2nd thing is a bit trait: IP address of zeus is, how to cancel one of them?
Thanx for advice.

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If you can't see the agents, make sure that the agent management inputs scripts are working correctly. The most common issue is that either agent polling hasn't been configured or that it is seeing a password prompt and aborting.

First, make sure that you have configured the agent polling commands in ossec_servers.conf.

Then run the following and looking for errors:

cd /opt/splunk/etc/apps/ossec/bin