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After building a regex for transforms.conf and props.conf, why am I unable to see correctly extracted fields?

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I need help.

I am unable to see the correct value after extracting a field with this regex. Why is the parser not extracting the correct value for the field we are using with the below log format :

  1. Mon Sep 24 10:40:03 2018 Info: Retrospective verdict received.

    SHA256: 3137893bc260c014974de84a
    Timestamp: 1537778403.1
    Verdict: MALICIOUS
    Reputation Score: 0
    Spyname: W32.3137893BC2-96.SBX.VIOC

    1. fields in our data model dvc_time log_level amp_verdict_type amp_sha_value _time verdict_type amp_score amp_Malware

3) wrote Regex in transforms.conf

REGEX = ^\w{3}\s\w{3}\s\d{2}\s(\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2})\s\d{4}\s(?:[^\s]+)\s{1,2}(Retrospective verdict received)\.\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^:]+):\s([^\s]+)
FORMAT =  dvc_time::$1 log_level::$2 amp_verdict_type::$3 amp_sha_value::$4 _time::$5 verdict_type::$6 amp_score::$7 amp_Malware::$8

4) props.conf
TRANSFORMS-set= setnull,setparsing
REPORT-log = acc_log

5) i am not able to see the correct value for extracting a field. My regex is not working properly.

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You regex is working fine, except that you made the group for the loglevel a non-capturing group, causing that piece not to get extracted and all other extractions to therefor shift 1 position.

Just remove the ?: to make it a capturing group and it will work fine.
^\w{3}\s\w{3}\s\d{2}\s(\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2})\s\d{4}\s([^\s]+)\s{1,2}(Retrospective verdict received).\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^:]+):\s([^\s]+)

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I tried your regex in regex.101 but it seems to be correct, probably in Splunk there's a different behaviour dor multiline.
So try with:

(?ms)^\w{3}\s\w{3}\s\d{2}\s(\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2})\s\d{4}\s(?:[^\s]+)\s{1,2}(Retrospective verdict received).\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^\,\:]+)\:\s([^\,\"]+)\n(?:[^:]+):\s([^\s]+)

If it doesn't run, try to manually ingest your log in a test index and then extract fields at search time, so you can test your regex in Splunk.


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