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Additional search based off original search


I have a search similar to the following


(Index=myindex) or (index=otherindex)

| eval user=coalesce(accountname, id)

| mvexpand user

| stats values(field1) as field1, values(field2) as field2 by user


This gives me my results that I want but I want to now take the results of this to enrich information from the output by pulling other events from another index.  This will then generate an alert so nit being done pin a dashboard.


I could schedule a report and then reference something like a lookup table that wpuld probably work but I am trying to make it a bit more dynamic. I would like to maybe use the result from this and enrich with an ldap query but I dont think I can do that. Join is out of the question (limitations etc.) and I cant coalesce any further with other fields as they are in no way similar of even available.


Thoughts and thanks in advance.

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Have you looked into this app? https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1852/

This should allow you to pipe your results into an ldapsearch to enrich your results. 

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