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Adding Servers monitored by Splunk

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We are going through the process of adding more servers to our fleet and monitor them with splunk.
1. Does anyone know an easy way of grabbing a list of all the servers which currently report into splunk?
2. And does anyone know how I can configure a server to report to a newly added splunk server?

Many Thanks

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Splunk Employee

It depends of what you want to do :

  • to get the list of the monitored hosts, do a search on the host
  • get the list of your existing forwarders, enable the "Deployment Monitor" app and look at the reports of the forwarders
  • to add new indexers, and load balance your data between all your indexers :

Here is the classic procedure to add a new indexer to the cluster.

On the new indexer,

  • define all the indexes,
  • setup all the props/transforms required for the indexing of your sourcetypes.
  • open the listening ports (splunktcp 9997 by example)
  • List item

On the search-head,

  • add the new indexer as a search-peer (manager > distributed search)

On each forwarders :

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Hi I mean "sending logs". We have a number of servers whose log files we can analyse via splunk, I want to know the full list of which servers and how to add a server.

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@dina_vaghjiani, Are you looking for getting your new splunk server or forwarders to "report into" a Deployment server or licensing server.

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Define "report into" - do you mean that they're sending logs, or that they're deployment clients, or a bit of both?

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