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Splunk Phantom SOAR Vault tmp Directory Clean Up




In short, I have to transmute a file, and I leverage the /vault/tmp/ directory.


I'm able to do what I want, but I'm wondering if I have to 'clean up' this /vault/tmp/ directory.


ex - I have a file I want to XOR bit by bit. I read unxord.exe bit by bit, write to /vault/tmp/xord.exe, then I do a phantom.vault_add(file_location="/vault/tmp/xord.exe"). This works fine.


Do I have to do any removal of the "/vault/tmp/xord.exe"?


I've tried to do something like:

import os



However, I get a path not found error.


 So, how often does Phantom SOAR clean up the /vault/tmp/ directory, and can/should I remove the temp file myself?



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@splunk4days i believe that by using the phantom.vault_add() API the file is "moved" from the tmp dir into the relevant file location on the platform where the vault storage is, rather than copied.

I have not tested this but have also never had to clear the /tmp dir when using it for vault_add() API calls. 

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