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ERROR: KeyError at itoa_bulk_import_entity.py while loading entities from a search


When I am trying to create entities using search in Splunk ITSI, it is throwing the below error and the entity load is failing. 

ERROR: KeyError at "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/SA-ITOA/lib/itsi/csv_import/itoa_bulk_import_entity.py", line 172 : 'abcde servers : os'

abcde servers : os  --> this happens to be the old title of an existing service. The Service was initially named as "abcde servers : os ". Now the service has a different name.
I am not sure if this service is somewhat related to the error thrown by ITSI while importing entities. 

Can anyone help in fixing this error.


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It's likely from a previous config that you had in place.
Try checking the content of files under /opt/splunk/etc/apps/SA-ITOA/local/

Remove any entries that are no longer valid and cycle Splunk or SHC.

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we checked the mentioned locations, however, the configuaration files were not updated recently. And we performed an entity import one month ago. 

Any other suggestions on what could be the issue? 

Any clue on how a service name is linked with importing entities? 

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