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how to 'r' command?

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hello splunker
i have a question that about R command.

i want peristalsis that R script and Splunk.
so, i installed R and R project app

but 'r' command is Generate error like this : unknown command 'r'.
is need another setting ?

i want know that how to use r command in splunk search and how to setting R project app.

R project document say install R and install openCPU.
but i can't openCPU installed because i can't understand "how to install openCPU" and my production server is disable internet.

must be install openCPU?
can i use R project without openCPU?

my production server enviroment is like this :
- internet is disable (if need, i can request that)
- installed R
- splunk enterprise(search head) and R are installed in one production server

- indexer clustering : indexer 2, search head 1, master 1

  • summary :
  • i want peristalsis that R script and Splunk
  • splunk enterprise(search head) and R are installed in one production server
  • r command is generate error like this : unknown command 'r'. how to use r command.

what should i do?

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You need openCPU because that is what exposes a web API that interfaces R.
OpenCPU will create a new session (and user) for every request it gets.

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thanks for your answer.
i install opencpu and start server locally.
finally i run basic R script in R project app -> R script editor -> run like this :

========== query =================
| dedup sourcetype
| stats count(sourcetype) as "SOURCETYPE_COUNT"
| append[
search index=testindex
| stats count as "TEST_COUNT"
| fillnull value=0

========== R script editor ===========

and i got the R console.

add to another question.
- how to send search result into R script ?
- how to save R script function ?
- can i use R script function in another instance search ?
- but i can use r command in instance search ......

thank you.

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