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get earliest time from timepicker in custom commands

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Hi splunkers,

I Create a Splunk custom commands which take information in another website, with the splunk sdk 'splunklib.searchcommands'. I have used the generatingCommand class, and my python script is like :

| getinfo url=<url> earliest=<timestamp> latest=<timestamp

the custom command is working, but i would tike to take the earliest time and last time from the timepicker ,when splunk user want to use it. my custom command will be then:

 |getinfo url =<url> 

and i will use the timepicker information in my 'earliest' and 'latest' option.

So, i can we get these earliest and latest time , from the UI timepicker to my python script, using the generatingCommand class ?

I hava alreay used this code below but it doen't work:

searchresults = GeneratingCommand.metadata

spl_earliest_time = int(searchresults.searchinfo.earliest_time)
spl_latest_time = int(searchresults.searchinfo.latest_time)

Also, if the time is like "-7d@d", how to change it to UTC timestamp

can someone help?

thanks in advance,


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From what I can tell, these look like the right attributes. They show up with a float so you may have to convert them depending on what you're using it for.

earliest = self.search_results_info.api_et
latest = self.search_results_info.api_lt

I'd like to know how to create an Option() that uses the same validator as what search uses.  LMK if you find that.

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