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Why is there Error 404 when using Splunk sdk python?


Hi everyone,

I'm starting using Splunk SDK Python.

I'm using Python 3.8 and Splunk 9.0

I get error: HTTP 404 action forbidden. I don't understand why and how to fix it.

Here is my code: 

import splunklib.client as client

import splunklib.results as results

def connect_to_splunk(username, password, host='localhost', port='8089', owner='admin', app='search', sharing='user'):

try: service = client.connect(host=host, port=port, username=username, password=password, owner=owner, app=app, sharing=sharing)

if service:

print("Connected successfully!")

return service

except Exception as e:


def run_normal_mode_search(splunk_service, search_string, payload={}):

try: job = splunk_service.jobs.create(search_string, **payload) # print(job.content)

# check if the job is completed or not

while True:

while not job.is_ready():

pass if job["isDone"] == "1":


for result in results.ResultsReader(job.results()):


except Exception as e:


def main():


splunk_service = connect_to_splunk(username='xxx', password='xxx')

search_string = "search index= haindex1 |top host"

payload = {"exec_mode": "normal"}

run_normal_mode_search(splunk_service, search_string, payload)

except Exception as e:


if _name_ == "_main_": main()

Here is the result:

Connected successfully!

HTTP 404 Not Found -- Action forbidden.

Process finished with exit code 0


Thanks and have a nice day!



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I have the same issue.

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