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Why doesn't Report scheduling work properly?

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I'm bemused with Splunk again (otherwise I wouldn't be posting here ;-)).

But seriously - I have an indexer cluster and two separate searchhead clusters connected with that indexer cluster. One shcluster has ES installed, one doesn't.

Everything seems to be working relatively OK.

I have a "temporary" index into which I ingest some events from which I prepare a lookup by means of a report containing some search ending with | outputlookup.

And that also works OK.


Because it used to work on an "old" shcluster (the one with ES). And it still does.

But due to the fact that we have a new shcluster (the one without ES) and of course lookups are not shared between different shclusters, I defined a report on the new cluster as well.

And here's where the fun starts.

The report is defined and works great when run manually. But I cannot schedule it. I open the "Edit Schedule" dialog, i fill in all the necessary fields, I save the settings... and the dialog closes but nothing happens. If I open the "Edit Schedule" dialog again, the report is still not scheduled.

To make things more interesting, I see entries in conf.log but they do show:

      payload: { -
       children: { -
         action.email.show_password: { +
         dispatch.earliest_time: { +
         dispatch.latest_time: { +
         schedule_window: { -
           value: 15
         search: { +

So there are _some_ schedule-related parameters (and yes - if I verify them in etc/users/admin/search/local/savedsearches.conf they are there)

dispatch.earliest_time = -24h@h
dispatch.latest_time = now
schedule_window = 15

 But there is no dispatch schedule being applied nor is the schedule enabled at all (the enableSched value is not pushed with the confOp apparently).

So I'm stuck. I can of course manually edit the savedsearches.conf for my user but that's not the point.

The version is 8.2.6.

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OK. I'm more and more puzzled.

I logged in today and it seems I was able to change the schedule to enabled state and the report did show the schedule but splunk wasn't showing Next Scheduled Time.

So I decided to delete the report altogether and re-create it from scratch. It went relatively well - I created the report, configured the schedule and Next Scheduled Time showed up. Yay!

Then I changed the permissions for the report from Private go Global. And added R/W permissions for admin user and R permissions for one other role. Next Scheduled Time changed to none. w00t?

OK, after some fiddling with permissions it seems that scheduling gets "disabled" if I assign R permission to any role without assigning W permission.

Is there something I don't understand here? I thought R permission in case of reports was for a user to be able to run/see the report and W was so that the user can modify it. Did I misunderstand something (or didn't read the docs thoroughly enough ;-))?


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