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Why are there duplicate entries of my PC in Forwarder management, and how can I remove them?


My PC is duplicated a few times in forwarder management. How can I remove duplicate entries, so I don't get missing forwarder alerts?

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I think it is because the multiple installs were not completely uninstalled according to https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Forwarder/7.0.2/Forwarder/Uninstalltheuniversalforwarder

Following the doc above and rebooting the machine should do the trick.

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Splunk Employee

Hi tmontney,

Are you running more than one forwarder on a machine so that the same hostnames show up as duplicate deployment clients?

If this is the case, you can set different servername and default-hostnames for your forwarders on the same machine to differentiate your forwarder clients.

splunk  set servername <new_servername>
splunk  set default-hostname <new_hostname>

For example, if you have two universal forwarders sending data from the same host named my_host, you can set both the servername and default hostname of the first forwarder to my_host_uf01, and those of the second forwarder to my_host_02.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Nope. I only have one UF for each client. Originally, I had installed it a few times before during testing. It seems like it's treating each install unique (based on its GUID).

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