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Why are splunk queues slightly filled after upgrade to version 9.0?

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Hi all,

I have one question:

I upgraded my Splunk deployment from 8.1.6 to 9.0.4. Deployment is: 3-nodes SH cluster, 3-nodes IDX cluster, 2 x HF, MC, SHC-D, CM, LM, DS. After upgrade I noticed one thing about queues on Monitoring Console.

Before upgrade, all queues on all IDXs have 0% fill:


But after upgrade, there is small fill (average about 5%, up to 10%) on Typing an Indexing queue:


From my point of view it is strange, because nothing changed during upgrade - HW is the same, amount of ingested data is the same, kind of data is the same, no new log source etc.

I search through documentation, but did not find anything relevant. So I would like to ask: what happens? Can it be ignored safely or there is really something wrong inside Splunk? Some config changes required because of some internal changes in Splunk? Could you share your experience with that, if you have one? Thank you in advance for any hint or glue.

Best regards

Lukas Mecir

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