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Why am I getting error "The url was not found in this server" trying index data in Splunk Light 6.4.2 via HTTP event collector?

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Hi everybody,

I need help for one question:

I installed Splunk Light - 6.4.2 to collect data via HTTP event collector.
I enable the SSL and the status of Data Input is "Enable" at Port 8088.
When I send data via browser for a test:

https://localhost:8088/services/collector/event -H 'Authorization: Splunk 5D9BB4DC-AFCA-4AAD-A37E-242DB6E59C47' -d '{"event": "hello world"}'

The server answer is:

The url was not found in this server .. 

Any Idea?

Thank you for all

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What do you mean send data with a browser?

Are you using curl to do this or are you pasting this in your "address bar"?

This example you showed is meant for use with the curl command.

To POST with a browser you usually need an add on like POST Man for chrome, or a completely different app, etc.

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