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Hi community,

I recently noticed that Splunk not only localizes menus etc. according to the browser locale, but also content. E.g. field names in a table visualization.

The deployment is running on version 7.1 currently, but I'm not sure if that feature existed before.

I guess there's no way to disable this little thing without touching Splunks innards? I do understand that automatic localization is the greatest thing since sliced bread for some people but seriously, don't touch my content. Thank you very much.

In all seriousness: It's not a major issue, but I don't really get the point behind it. Maybe someone can enlighten me. As for workarounds: I know about changing the locale in the URL, but that's just dirty and inconvenient for end users.

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, the fields in this table aren't called "Uhrzeit" and "Schweregrad" but time and severity.
alt text

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