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Hi, we want to use the Cisco WebEX Addon for Splunk but getting the following error:

2020-07-30 15:59:20,439 DEBUG pid=13947 tid=MainThread file=base_modinput.py:log_debug:288 | [-] WebEx Response: 'Incorrect user or password'
2020-07-30 16:00:18,794 INFO pid=14063 tid=MainThread file=setup_util.py:log_info:117 | Customized key can not be found

The User we are using is working and we can connect to Webex in the Webbrowser. We believe it's our SSO Integration into ADFS which is causing the issue, because a pop up of our ADFS appears if we want to open the webex website and we have to enter the password there again. Is it possible that the addon doesn't work in a SSO environment?



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Don't know if it's of any help at this late stage, but I ran into the same (or at least a very similar issue). I was getting an 'Incorrect user or password' in the logs despite being very sure that I was getting the password correct. The password was an SSO one, but if I set the password through the WebEx control panel, the calls succeeded and I'm now seeing data being pushed into the index. 

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