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Solarwinds Add-on For Splunk with SHC

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Splunk Employee

Hi all,


Hoping to get some clarity on the Solarwinds Add-on for Splunk.


I'm trying to install this onto my SHC (4SH's) with a deployer. Pushing from the deployer is all good. I then jump onto a search head and create the inputs and account to talk to solarwinds and the SH's replicate those local changes throughout the cluster.


After that I get absolutely no data, no errors as well to say what's not working.

I've tested this app on a separate Indexer on one site, another indexer on another site (different subnets) and on my deployer and it works instantly. As soon as I put it on my SHC via the deployer, it does not work at all.


Is this app suppose to work with a SHC or am I doing something completely wrong? 

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