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Search Head log kernels

We have a problème with Splunk Search head, the splunk service is restarted randomly when using the launch request or consultation of the dashbord. After the analysis we find kernel messages at the log level. Do you have any idea about this type of message.

Sep 21 10:13:16 splksh01c kernel: [4960554.728167] splunkd[26359]: segfault at 8 ip 00007f2b51845c24 sp 00007f2b279fc868 error 6 in libjemalloc.so.2[7f2b51834000+49000]
Sep 21 11:10:55 splksh01c kernel: [4964014.055174] splunkd[8210]: segfault at 68 ip 00007f816fdc749f sp 00007f81443f4da0 error 4 in libjemalloc.so.2[7f816fd9b000+49000]
Sep 21 11:27:01 splksh01c kernel: [4964980.155146] splunkd[29689]: segfault at 68 ip 00007fa3888013d9 sp 00007fa3571fd200 error 4 in libjemalloc.so.2[7fa3887d5000+49000]
Sep 21 12:03:54 splksh01c kernel: [4967193.444921] splunkd[9885]: segfault at 68 ip 00007fb56962b3d9 sp 00007fb5339fd240 error 4 in libjemalloc.so.2[7fb5695ff000+49000]
Sep 21 12:54:45 splksh01c kernel: [4970243.694017] splunkd[12378]: segfault at 68 ip 00007f629482f49f sp 00007f626affc930 error 4 in libjemalloc.so.2[7f6294803000+49000]
Sep 21 13:23:16 splksh01c kernel: [4971954.661062] splunkd[10366]: segfault at 8 ip 00007f3c111c4c24 sp 00007f3bd73fd568 error 6 in libjemalloc.so.2[7f3c111b3000+49000]
Sep 21 14:23:26 splksh01c kernel: [4975565.162362] splunkd[8340]: segfault at 7f713ff89f40 ip 000055981749198f sp 00007f71419fa180 error 6 in splunkd[559814297000+40f3000]





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