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Results are miss match while using appedcols


Hello everyone,

I am getting incorrect values while using appendcols to fetch the different results like a currentweek, 1weekago,  2weeksago.


|bin _time span=1h |
stats count{trid) as transaction_count_1WAgo avg(duration) as Average RT_1WAgo by _time ABC | fields *
|appendcols [search earliest=** latest=** |
|bin _time span=1h
| stats count(trid) as transaction_count_2WAgo avg(duration) as Average RT_2WAgo by _time ABC | fields *
|appendcols [search earliest=** latest=** |
|bin _time span=1h |
stats count{trid) as transaction_count_currentweek avg(duration) as Average RT_currentweek by _time ABC| fields *]
If I run all this queries individually it shows some results and when I am trying to use them in a single search by appending using "appendcols" they shows different..
Please suggest on this?
Note: i have used all latest, earliest time frames correctly but didn't show here.
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