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Metrics value indexing as a string


I keep getting messages that metrics values are indexing as a string:

Search peer ip-truncated.us-gov-west-1.compute.internal has the following message:

The metric value=70182.320 provided for source=/opt/splunk/var/log/introspection/resource_usage.log, sourcetype=splunk_intro_resource_usage, host=ip-truncated.us-gov-west-1.compute.internal, bucket=/opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/_metrics/db/219_8E3A1CE4-B758-4960-B23D-96FBAD796ADB is not a floating point value. Using a "numeric" type rather than a "string" type is recommended to avoid indexing inefficiencies. Ensure the metric value is provided as a floating point number and not as a string. For instance, provide 123.001 rather than "123.001".

I can't seem to find where I would fix this issue. 

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