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Left outer join in splunk using |mstats



Is it possible to do left outer join after using two |mstats commands like below?

I have Process_Name common to both - but I want the ones that are not in the seconds |mstat command only.



| mstats prestats=t min("mx.replica.status") min("mx.process.resources.status") WHERE "index"="metrics_test" AND mx.env=http://mx20267vm:15000 span=10s BY service.name replica.name service.type 
| eval threshold="", pid="", cmd="", "host.name"="", "component.name"="" 
| mstats append=t prestats=t min("mx.process.threads")  WHERE "index"="metrics_test" AND mx.env=http://mx20267vm:15000 span=10s BY pid cmd service.type host.name service.name replica.name component.name threshold 






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