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Lab 4: blocked at "Unspecified upload error. Refresh and try again."


When I upload file access_30DAY.log, I always get "Unspecified upload error. Refresh and try again."
I've tried everything suggested in the blogs to no avail.   I refreshed.  I tried Safari.  I tried incognito mode.  I chmod'd 777 the file.  I tried uploading the original Splunk_f1_Data.zip file.  (Zipping gets past the "Unspecified upload" error, but when I get to the Uploading File modal, it stays "Processing" forever.  Similarly, I zipped up access_30DAY.log into access_30DAY.log.zip, but still couldn't proceed.)

What does "Unspecified upload error. Refresh and try again." mean?  Could we update the code to more accurately reflect the problem and how to resolve it?

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