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KV store scalability


I'm building an app where Splunk is receiving a large number of IDs and a property that I will need to sum over time.  Let's take for instance a simple example:



At 01:03, a user asks "What is the sum of amount per id, for each id you've seen in the last 15 minutes" ? Take into account this is a very limited example, but you will have millions of unique ids and a big event rate (hundreds of events per second). The expected answer is:



The first reflex is something like this: "stats sum(amount) earliest=0 by id [ |search id ]" over the last hour. But it's not really scable since, over time, the first part of the query will need to sum a lot of events.

Then the second thought was to add an intermediary summary index which is doing the sum(amount) over a small period of time (15 min) and keep the result. Yes, it's accelarating but after a year or so, I will still have performance / scalability issues.

In the end, then only thing I need is to keep the last value "sum(amount)" per id and continue counting based on this value every time you receive a new event. That's why I'm wondering if we could use the kvstore to keep counting, everytime we see a record, we simply update the records with :

  • key = id
  • value = value(id) + amount

Anyone having a similar experience with KV Store or having a similar issue ?

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I've made a mistake but can't change it in my message: you should read "over the last 15 minutes" instead of  "over the last hour" in the sentence below the second table

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