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Is there a way we can update the code for disabling data input parameter for the addon build with addon builder 4.x?

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Hi all,

We have a case where we want to restrict a user from editing or updating  a input parameter .

We have created a addon using Splunk's Add-on builder (v4.x), the addon takes couple of Data Input Parameters, which include a parameter that has to be disabled and should not be allowed to be updated.

Is there a way we can update the code or does addon builder provide a option to perform such functionality?

Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated.




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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi - If folks can't change the value then it probably doesn't need to even be presented in the UI when making/editing the input. Therefore you could hard code it in the python or make it part of the input's definition in `default/input.conf` conf file but don't show it in the UI. Of course another option could be to hack the CSS/javascript of those generated pages to force the field to be readonly but I wouldn't recommend this as I doubt you'd ever be able to use it with AoB after that.

If you do need it to be in the UI then perhaps share more about the practical nuance here. For example, which app and which field are we talking about and what is the use of this field such that you need it in the UI but not editable?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I've come to understand that the goal here is to provide the end users the ability to set a checkpoint to start from but then not let them change it thereafter since it could produce issues like data re-indexing.

I recently saw an approach that could work: storing the checkpoint on the server side, not the Splunk side. So I saw an add-on that retained context on where it left off with data collection on the service itself for that client. A clever advantage of this is that the add-on in theory could scale on multiple parallel collector instances.

In summary, it sounds like the leading options are to do custom UI stuff to lock down the field OR to allow the setting and checkpoint to exist on the server side, not the Splunk side.

I hope that helps!

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