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Is there a rest endpoint to take a peer offline temporarily?

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Is there a rest endpoint to take a peer offline temporarily?

I see one for decommissioning - 



curl -k -u admin:pass https://indexer:8089/services/cluster/slave/control/control/decommission



But seem like this is for permanent offline.

We are looking to take a peer offline temporarily..

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@vtalanki I know this is a bit older but for you or anyone that is coming from Google search, the decommission API endpoint actually enacts the same as a splunk offline command. This means that it will take the indexer down temporarily and then later decommission the indexer should it not come back up in the allowed restart time. The same as what's found in the documentation: Take a peer offline - Splunk Documentation

If you want to take down host permanently, you need to add a -d enforce_counts=true parameter to your curl command. This does the same as a splunk offline --enforce-counts command.

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