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Is "Splunk Free" the same as "Splunk Light free"?



I am trying to determine which Splunk Product/License would be appropriate for my team needs.
I read about the comparison between "Splunk Light vs Splunk Enterprise", "Splunk Light Free vs Splunk Light", and "Splunk Free vs Splunk Enterprise".

From what I read I can switch to Splunk Free from an Enterprise Trial license at the end of the trial period.
I am slightly confused though, is "Splunk Free" the same as "Splunk Light Free"?
If not, what are the difference between them?

Thank you.

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Saome of us may be still having this question.. so trying to answer to those..

"Splunk Free" - is a "full Splunk enterprise tool" with "free" license entitlement and splunk support. 

"Splunk light free" - is a simple older version of Splunk universal forwarder (can not used these days(in 2022), so we can simply totally forget the "Splunk light")

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Hi smcooper,

No, it is not the same.
Splunk free is Splunk Enterprise; Splunk light free is Splunk Light.

You can find the main differences between Splunk light and Splunk Enterprise in the docs here http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkLight/6.6.1/GettingStarted/AboutSplunkLight#Differences_b...

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS


Thank you.

This was my first understanding. I got confused as several of the limitations of the Splunk Free are similar to the difference between Enterprise and Light, (and also reading some third party comparison that note "Splunk Free (Splunk Light)").
From my understanding, if nothing else, Splunk Free should at least support the Apps compared to Splunk Light Free.

I am trying to compile a summary of the different products and Free/Licensed version, from the different comparison tables available in the documentation ("Free vs Enterprise vs Cloud", "Light vs Enterprise", and "Light free vs Light"). As the terminology/feature description varies from one to the other, I had some trouble creating a uniform comparison table.


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