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How to visualize performance data (latency) from JMeter over time?

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Hey guys,

Can anyone give an advice on how to visualize performance data from Jmeter? I need to see latency over time in a form a of line graph - overall and thread-specific, but have no clue how to get it! 😞

log data :

3:09:09.478 PM1455199749478,18,GET Search,200,OK,Load with Step-up. Total 150 VUs 1-15,text,true,11255,1,1,18,1,0,0
Latency = 18
label = GET Search
responseCode = 200
3:09:09.293 PM1455199749293,184,Post Create,200,OK,Load with Step-up. Total 150 VUs 1-15,text,true,97950,1,1,182,1,0,0
Latency = 182
label = Post Create
responseCode = 200

Trivial question I know, but for some unknown reason I'm stuck 😕

Any ideas?


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Without knowing how your fields are being extracted or how the events are being indexed, I'll give the below as a starting point. Create your first thread-specific timechart and then use appendcols to add another timechart for the overall latency.

search sourcetype=jmeter 
  | timechart avg(Latency) AS "Average by Thread Latency" by Thread 
  | appendcols [search sourcetype=jmeter 
                 | timechart avg(Latency) AS "Average Overall Latency"]
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