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How to segregate Indexer peers in Indexing Cluster?


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a. Indexer Cluster - Is it feasible to separate the replication of indexer peers among the peers themselves?

Illustration: Within the indexing cluster, the Master is associated with indexer peers A, B, C, and D. My aim is to ensure that the development data being forwarded to A is exclusively replicated with B. Likewise, the production logs should only be replicated among C and D. It's essential that the data between C and D, as well as A and B, remain non-replicated. Is this solution attainable?


Prasad V

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If you need this kind of separation of logs inside indexer clusters you must create two separate clusters. One for test logs containing nodes A and B and second one for production contains nodes C + D.

In one cluster it replicates data among all nodes which clusters have. Basically you could remove node to be a target for replication, but that removes all replication. This is useful if/when you need to remove/replace some old nodes and it takes some time to run both old and new nodes at same time.

r. Ismo

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