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How to resolve Splunk SSL certificate errors?



I am trying to install SSL certificate for Splunk to permit HTTPS access to the console. As part of the procedure, I have generated the CSR, Key and the signed PEM certificates. I uploaded the files to the Splunk host and created (and edited) the server.conf with the following information

enableSplunkWebSSL = true
privKeyPath = /opt/splunk/etc/auth/mycerts/mySplunkWebPrivateKey.key 
serverCert = /opt/splunk/etc/auth/mycerts/mySplunkWebCertificate.pem 

I also disabled the [sslConfig] stanza in server.conf.

When I try to restart Splunk, the service fails with the following errors. Please advise on how to fix the issue.

WARNING: Cannot decrypt private key in "/opt/splunk/splunk/etc/auth/mycerts/mySplunkWebPrivateKey1.key" with>
Feb 03 17:09:16 frczprmccinfsp1 splunk[1559898]: WARNING: Server Certificate Hostname Validation is disabled. Please see server.conf/[sslConfig]/cliVerifySer>  

Thanks in advance.

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