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How to integrate Proxy certificate into Splunk Python?

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I am getting error "unable to verify SSL certificate" error while AWS / GCP addon is trying to fetch data from AWS / GCP cloud respectively. I need to configure Proxy to access internet from Splunk enterprise servers. 


Please let me know how to get it the proxy certificate incorporated into splunk servers. 


PS : when I am trying to connect directly to internet without Proxy , I am not facing any issues. 

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Firstly I'd check by hand how is your proxied connection different than the straight one. I suppose your organization is doing some kind of TLS inspection decrypting traffic and "repacking" it again with your own CA-generated certificate but it's always nice to confirm (and check in appropriate corporate policies whether this is a legitimate action or is someone playing with something he shouldn't have). Use curl -v and compare certificate data on the connection with and without proxy.

You need to add the proper CA certificates to the trusted store for the input. The solution for AWS add-on is here: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/AddOns/released/AWS/Troubleshooting#Certificate_verify_failed_...

The GCP add-on should have similar solution somewhere.

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