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How to import syslog into Splunk?

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As title. Is it some way I can manually import some existing syslog into Splunk for analysis?


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Re: How to import syslog into Splunk?


Assuming they are existing files generated by syslog (e.g. log files in text format with timestamps and all that), you should be able to just open the "Add Data" wizard and select either "Upload" or "Monitor" depending on where the existing files are located.

Follow both the wizard and the documentation and you should be good to go.

For instance, if you do "Upload" because the file is on your OWN computer, the docs will take you to the
Upload Data page, then the
Set Sourcetype page and so on.

Just be careful to click the links at the bottom of each "text" like

Next step
Modify Input Settings

And NOT the links below those for main page navigation, like in this case

Prepare your data for previewing

^^^ not that one.

If you have further questions or need more help, either tack on more here (if it's about ingesting this specifically) or create a new question (if it's about something else regarding this data) and we'll try to help!

Happy Splunking!


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