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How to filter value greater than threshold with multiple fields?

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I made splunk command to predict ip usage per each data center.

The current command and results are like below.






| eval usage=round(used/total*100, 2)
| timechart span=1d limit=0 values(usage) by center
| predict [search MY_SEARCH Which makes same center list above | stats values(center) as center| rename center as search ] algorithm="LLP5", future_timespan=90
| fields _time, prediction(*)
| rename prediction(*) as *






_time                       center1     center2     center3     center4

2021/06/03           78                  82              75                   54

2021/06/04           78.023         82.21       75.23             55.323



Like above, the results show me how usage would be increased or decreased based on prev usage value.

Now, I need to make alert trigger with this result to predict which center would need more ip list before it gets full.

Like, I want to check if it increased to more than 95% in 3months. 


How can I make that happen?

Thank you!

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