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How to display data as percentage?


I am using a simple query but want to display the data in percentage, There are 8 different sources for this query but in the dashboard my source is dynamic and input through a drop down and each dropdown has several subgroups and I wanto display the number of events in each source subgroup as %age. For example for below I have


and in verbose mode I can see the %age logging for all the source but is there a way to display it in the dashboard?

index=abc host=xyz source= 123*
| stats count by source, host

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Try using eventstats in combination with stats, here is an example with data from the internal index:

| stats count by sourcetype
| eventstats sum(count) AS total
| eval pct = round((count / total) * 100 , 2)." %"

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Try modifying command using eval command

| eval age = round((age/total_age)*100,1)

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