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How to create a Dashboard with check-box like selectable results to be used in second part of the same dashboard

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I am not sure if this is possible or not in Splunk classic Dashboard, but if it is, it would make the user experience much better for the Dashboard that I am trying to designing.

I have 2 panels within my dashboard.  Once the user enters the text in the search box, and press submit, then the results are displayed in a table format in rows.  The results have several columns:

_time operation_id location  account_number

What I would like to have, is for each row of data, a specific field the operation_id, be selectable like a check box beside the field value.  Typically, I expect the user to select 3-5 row at a time.  Once the user selects the rows of interest, I would like the selected row's operation_id to be used in the second pannel within the Dashboard and provide a different search and display its results.   Each operation_id in the first panel is unique, so there will be 3-5 operation_id selected. I am aware you can pass a token from the first to the second panel, but I am struggling with how to create a check-box beside each result row, so that it can be selected by the user to furnish the opration_id into the second panel (rather than copy and pasting each operation_id)

Any input on how to achieve such an interactive Dashboard would be appreciated.

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