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How to count the words in the file without indexing the data?


I have file(text file) in my UF .My requirement is that i want to know the word count of the file but i should not index the data due to business reasons.

Is there any way where i can get to know the word count of my file without actually indexing the whole data?

Currently i am indexing only filename .Now how can i proceed further?

Thank you


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Hi @Ashwini008 ...on linux(unix as well), you can use the "wc -w" to count the number of words. 

[sekar@ubuntu ~]$ more test.log
test file one two three
[sekar@ubuntu ~]$ wc test.log
1 5 24 test.log
[sekar@ubuntu ~]$ wc -w test.log
5 test.log
[sekar@ubuntu ~]$


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And if you need this to splunk then create scripted input for it.
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wc (word count) is usually available on *nix machines

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