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How to correlate two diferent searches into one event


Hi guys, I need to configure an alert when people access as root in a server and for that I have two types of events: one that contains when people accesses as root:

Oct 16 15:52:55 *host* sshd[10873]: Accepted password for root from *IP* port 49745 ssh2

And another that contains the person that was using that IP (used to log as root) in the moment the conexion was established:

Oct 16 17:09:11 *host* openvpn[20236]: *user*/:1194 MULTI_sva: pool returned IPv4=*IP*, IPv6=(Not enabled)

So I need to correlate this two types of events in order to know which persons were using the IP that logged as root in the moment that happened. This is the search i've been using:

index=wineventlog eventtype=windows_logon_success
| eval so="Windows"
| eval user=if(isnull(Nombre_de_cuenta),user,mvindex(Nombre_de_cuenta, -1))
| append [search index=os source="/var/log/secure" user="root" eventtype=sshd_authentication
| eval so="Linux"]
| rex field=dest "(?<dest>.+?)\."
| rex field=src "(?<src_hostname>.+?)\."
| eval src=if(len(src_hostname)>2,src_hostname,src)
| where src!=dest
| search user=root
| rex "m\s(?<IP>\S+)"
| search IP=*
| append [search index=gw_pfsense "openvpn" IPv4=*]
| rex "for\s(?<root>\S+)"
| convert ctime(_time) as time


What else could I try?

Thanks in advance

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