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How may I enable app only on a single search head of a search head cluster?



lease I'd like to know if, and how, is it possible to deploy one app to a single specific member of a search head cluster.

For example, in a scenario where I have:


- SH1, SH2 and SH3

- App1 App2 App3 App4 App5

I would like to distribute:

- App1, App2, App3, App4 to all SH members (SH1, SH2, SH3)

- App5 to SH3 only

Am I right if I only use the deployer to distribute App1, App2, App3, App4 and I put App5 manually on the SH3? Would it work, or App5 would be sync with SH1 and SH2, even if it was not deployed via deployer?

Consider that App5 may contains searches and alerts (and , of course, related artifacts).

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