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How do I set up db connect scheduler(cron) as every second Tuesday of the month?

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Hello Splunkers! 

I am trying to find a way to set up a cron schedule on DB connect app? 

I want to run the schedule every second week of Tuesday of the month. 

So, the next schedule should be 02/08/2022, then 03/08/2022, then 04/05/2022 ....

We tried super hard to make this work. 

Below is what we tried:

스크린샷 2022-01-13 오후 12.00.11.png


I thought this would work then, it shows the next schedule will be on 1/18 not next month. 


Any brilliant ideas our Splunkers have??


Thanks in advanced. 

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If I calculated these days correctly you will get it this way.

When month start on Tuesday then second Tuesday can be min 8th day of this month. If month starts on Wednesday then second Tuesday is 14th day of this month. This leads to the next crontab schedule

* * 8-14 * 2

 r. Ismo

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Hi @isoutamo

Thanks for your answer. 

but it shows me the next schedule will be in January 😞 

스크린샷 2022-01-14 오후 1.50.44.png

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That's a problem with crontab guru not with the expression @isoutamo provided

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