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How do I handle multivalues by splunk custom search command under Search Command Protocol version 2.

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I want to make this with SCPversion2, but it doesn't work.

my code:


#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys
from splunklib.searchcommands import dispatch, StreamingCommand, Configuration, Option, validators

class mvsortCommand(StreamingCommand):
    """ sort multivalue

    def stream(self, records):
        self.logger.debug('mvsortCommand: %s', self)  # logs command line

        for record in records:
            if isinstance(record[self.fieldnames[0]],(str)):

            yield record

dispatch(mvsortCommand, sys.argv, sys.stdin, sys.stdout, __name__)


I think I'm not handling generators and lists correctly, but I'm not sure.
Is there a good example?

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