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How do I Identify anomalous changes in event counts across critical hosts and sources in Splunk & ES?


I have a large Splunk & ES environment and use DMC daily. Are there a series of SPL that would help me perform such tasks. Thank u in advance.

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Hi @SamHTexas .. 

critical hosts and sources - may we know this list is a small one with few hosts and sources or a large list?

for example, if you got only less than 5 / 10 hosts, we can use simple SPL query.. 

if the list is big, then

1) you should create a CSV file  -  host or source - number of logs today - date of today

2) then create alert on that CSV file and create email alerts


the basic idea: just the reverse of idea of host stops sending logs:


(if a host sent more than 1million logs in last 24 hrs, create an email notification)


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