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How can we preload a token from a search result in a SimpleXML dashboard for mobile use?


We are using Splunk Enterprise 9.0.1 and we are developing SimpleXML dashboards.
Im currently using a mobile device with Android.

The problem is that we need to preload a few tokens with search results and we cant make it work in the mobile dashboard.
To achieve this we are running a search directly in the <dashboard> xml tag just like a base search. This approach works for the web dashboards but the mobile one does not load those tokens because the search never runs.
The same thing happens when we run the search inside a hidden panel using the depends attribute for <panel>, it shows well on web but it fails to run the search on mobile.

We cant make this panel visible for all web and mobile, as it is just a table with values that we need to preload on tokens.

Does anyone managed to work around this issue?

UPDATE 2023-06-05: The same thing happens with the Dashboard Studio, loading tokens from searches only works for web dashboards.

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