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How can an alert script be run as a local user?

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I am trying to run a simple batch script to open a web browser when an alert condition is met. Though the script is executing when run manually, I am unable to see the browser open. Going through the forum, I have seen the below explanation from this post: https://answers.splunk.com/answering/25308/view.html

Are you trying to pop up a Window on your machine from a scripted alert? It's possible that it is happening, but is simply happening on the Splunk process' desktop, not one you're looking at. It would be expected that any programs that launch and open a window are going to open them in a desktop owned by the Splunkd service process, not by any logged-in user

Can someone please guide me if there is a way to run the script in a way i can see the browser open i.e., run as a logged in user?
Changes in script? or Splunk Configuration?


If this is windows you can probably use the runas command.

You may have to edit group policy to allow the splunk user to runas the account too.

It would only run as this user on the splunk machine... its not going to open a browser on the workstations that have splunk UI /WEb open.

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Thank you. Will try that out.

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