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How I can combine avgCpuUtilization and maxCpuUtilization with UK_DC?

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| rex field=_raw "measResults\W(?<avgCpuUtilization>\d{0,3})\s(?<maxCpuUtilization>\d{0,3})"
| rex field=_raw "PLMN-PLMN\W\w+-\d\W\w\w\w-\d{0,3}.\d{0,3}.\d{0,3}.\d{0,3}@(?<RB_OR_LVS_DC>\w+-\w+)"

| eventstats avg(avgCpuUtilization) as AvgCPU max(maxCpuUtilization) as MaxCPU count by UK_OR_USA_DC

| stats count by month,RB_OR_LVS_DC,month_name,monthyear,AvgCPU,MaxCPU

| table month_name,AvgCPU,MaxCPU,UK_OR_USA_DC




UK_OR_USA_DC contain 2 values UK_DC and USA_DC, i want to calculate avgCpuUtilization and maxCpuUtilization for both UK_DC and USA_DC.

so their  will be having 4 values



avgCpuUtilization_USA_DC , 


i am unable to fecth this , how i can combine avgCpuUtilization and maxCpuUtilization with UK_DC . request your help on this 

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