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HOw to set a url for the splunk

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 I have splunk enterprise free version installed on AWS instance. When i access the splunk with IP <ip>:8000 iam able  to access the splunk. I need to access the splunk with domain name so i set in server.conf

[root@ipXXXXX local]# cat server.conf
serverName = splunkconnect.online.io

in input.conf

[root@ipxxxxxxx local]# cat inputs.conf
host = splunkconnect.online.io

in web.conf

[root@ip-xxXXXx local]# cat web.conf
enableSplunkWebSSL = 1
httpport = 8000


when i hit the url https://splunkconnect.online.io iam getting this site cant be reached. where else do i need to configure. Can anyone please let me know.

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Hi @splunksrk 

You need to configure a DNS record for your domain to point from your chosen subdomain to the IP address of your Splunk instance (you'll probably use an "A" record), this will vary depending on your domain name registrar and the DNS options they provide.

I hope this helps


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