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Error : "404 Not Found" when i submit a response in CTF Scoreboard


Hello everyone, 

I want to install CTF_Scoreboard in Splunk. I follow the steps here : https://github.com/splunk/SA-ctf_scoreboard

But, I didn't get the log files : scoreboard.log and scoreboard_admin.log in the repository /opt/splunk/var/log.

After uploading all the questions and answers in my application scoreboard, i can't submit my responses in the app: I got an error : "404 Not Found". you can see the figures: 



anyone can help me please! It's urgent!

Thanks a lot.

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I am having the same issue trying to run on splunk v8.x and scoreboard controller wouldn't come up

ERROR [5f7ccf08bd7f5f442b0d10] custom:189 - /opt/splunk/etc/apps/SA-ctf_scoreboard/appserver/controllers/scoreboard_controller.py cannot be executed by Python: No module named 'ConfigParser'


I have tried messing with python and modules but it was failing in different parts thereafter.. Is there a way to downgarde splunk form v8  to v7 without a clean re-install?

Thank you

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You can try to install the package ConfigOarser by this command : pip install ConfigParser 

Thanks to tell us if it works or not : )



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Did you figure it out?  I am having the same issue.

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I contact Splunk support and this is the following response :


I'am working with last version 8.0.4, but You can try with 7.3.6 as they said !

Good luck.

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