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Dynamic Dropdown input option token values with multipart strings issue

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I've had this issue before, but now I have to visit this again.

I dont know how to manipulate the token value in such a way, that I can use it in a dashboard panel search, when there is are multipart values in the token.

The setup:

1. I have a dashboard with multiple panels, with different searches
2. Then there is dropdown inputs for time and one to filter the data to a subset.

Problem is when the data filter input uses a search to populate the token AND WHEN the values are multipart, like "Active Directory Domain Services", or anything that's not single string.
Then when that token , like "Role_Name" is used to filter the panel, like :

index=* Type=Role Name=$Role_Name$

It does not get any results AS the Token values should be inside quotes, single or double.

So how do I concatenate quotes in to the search or should I preprosess the token value inside the search with some evals ?



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