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Does Splunk use .spec files?


May I know whether .spec files used just for user information or they will also be used by Splunk processes?

Having .spec file is mandatory for configuration file?

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Splunk Employee

The .spec file also specifies what are valid settings for the stanzas. When Splunk starts it will check your conf files and compare them with the appropriate spec files. If you have options that do not exist in the spec you will get warning messages.

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Generally .spec file specifies the syntax, including a list of available attributes and variables. A configuration file may have .spec and .example files under README dir for reference purpose .The .example file contains examples of real-world usage.

Splunk Enterprise configuration information is stored in configuration files. These files are identified by the .conf extension and hold the information for different aspects of your configurations.

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Apparently they must exist as we can see at - "No spec file for" errors for the default configuration of Add-on

It's interesting whether the specifications within these *.spec files are enforced.

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Hi there,

Short version of the story:
.spec files must exist for modular inputs, and they are processed by Splunk as a kind of template for the modular input.

cheers, MuS

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